Dr. Jon Jantz

Dr. Alyssa Watkins

Dr. Tomica Blocker

Dr. Jessica Fisher

Maureen Entz, APRN

Tarina Gfeller, APRN

We welcome new patients between the ages of 0 to September 1 of the year the child turns 18. If you have moved to the area or are looking for a healthcare provider for any reason, we would be glad to see you. Please check our Transfer Records page for a form to complete and send to your previous provider or have us send it for you.

If we meet you in the hospital after you deliver, we will admit your newborn to NMC Health, perform routine newborn testing and checks, dismiss your baby when it is time to go home, and provide you with follow-up care. If your obstetrician calls us to take care of the baby at birth, we will be at delivery. We will continue care until about age 18.

We are established in Newton and serve the community and surrounding area, offering the following services:

  • Clinic hours during the day for well-child visits and acute care needs
  • Emergency needs on call by telephone and at NMC Health
  • Hospitalization needs at NMC Health

Be assured we will do all we can to provide services to our patients in whatever setting is needed, whether it’s at the clinic during regular hours, in the hospital, or under emergency circumstances by telephone or at the Emergency Room at NMC Health.