We are specialists in pediatric and adolescent medicine.

New patients are welcome, and all local insurance plans are accepted. Read about our team.

Some of the services provided:

When your baby is born at NMC Health, Cottonwood Pediatrics becomes your child’s first doctor. We work closely with local OBGYNs and hospitals to provide the best care for your family.

Afterward, it’s important to bring your child for regular check-ups. We believe in preventive medicine and our providers will discuss developmental milestones and school updates as your child grows.

At Cottonwood Pediatrics, we offer immunizations for your child as long as we have their records. If your child received shots at other clinics, please remember to bring a copy of their immunization records.

We strive to provide same-day appointments, but we recommend calling as soon as possible. If we don’t have any available appointments, you can leave a message with a nurse. In urgent cases, you may be directed to an urgent care or emergency room, or scheduled for the following day.

Some children may have chronic conditions that require a specialist. Our referral team ensures that our clinic and specialists work together as a team.

You can leave a message for your doctor’s nurses, who will call you back the same day or the next business day. If you have an overnight problem, you can reach out to NMC Health to speak with the overnight or weekend nurse.

Our pediatricians are credentialed at NMC Health, so if your child has a medical issue that can be addressed at our hospital, there’s no need for a transfer.

If you suspect your child is having behavioral problems, you can schedule a behavioral evaluation. We will develop a plan that may involve specialists or medication, if necessary. It’s important to address these issues early, and we’re here to help.