Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

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Caring for Children during COVID-19 outbreak. 
Caring for a New Baby during COVID-19 outbreak. 
Working and Learning from Home during COVID-19 outbreak. 

Some steps we are taking to prevent exposure so far: 

  • We now ask that everyone 2 years and older wear facial coverings into the office if possible;
  • Our families are being screened over the phone and during check-in;
  • Our clinic has physically separated sick and well visits to opposite sides of the office;
  • Our staff has a designated day to see sick children and another day to see well children;
  • Whenever possible, we ask that only one adult and one child come (be advised that the hospital is enforcing this for services such as x-rays and labs);
  • Possible COVID-19 patients are being triaged accordingly;
  • Telemedicine is available for some insurance policies. Not all concerns can be addressed by telemedicine nor are all children good candidates for the service.
  • Our office looks a little different as we are implementing physical distancing.

We are still committed to providing excellent care. If you have questions please call us.

The Good News: Children don’t seem to get as sick
In all the reports so far, while children do get the COVID-19, they typically don’t seem to get as sick as adults. All the basics apply: push fluids, rest, and take pain and fever medication. Call if short of breath or if breathing problems develop. Don’t go out, stay home.

Please refer to this Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For current news, the CDC has been posting daily updates.

Remember to be developmentally appropriate when talking to children.