If parents/legal guardians are not able to bring a child to an appointment they can sign a temporary consent that allows someone else to bring them such as

  • stepparents
  • grandparents
  • other caregivers

Teenagers 16 years and older are able to come to appointments without the presence of an adult if parents/guardians sign the consent.

Those 18 year old and older are legally adults. They must sign a consent for parents to have access to their medical history such as immunization records.

All forms must be manually signed and sent back to us PRIOR the appointment. Upload a consent now or mail/fax to avoid delays or having to reschedule.

Parents/legal guardians are still responsible for paying amounts related to the visit. We reserve the authority to decide, in our sole discretion, to require a parent to be present regardless of any consent a parent may have signed.

Copays and insurance cards are required before each visit.

For transfers, please manually sign an authorization for release of medical records and upload it.